Friday, December 12, 2014

Mission To Mexico 2015-Our Story

                        This Sunday Maria and I will celebrate 30 years of marriage..We rejoice in our Father's much to be thankful for!! Of course, our weekend will be filled with dancing at the ballroom, sweet celebration with friends and family...and getting ready for Mexico.. I know what you are thinking...and NO.. we are not taking a cancun cruise to celebrate our anniversary..we ARE  hoping to do that someday..but... this's MISSION TRIP TIME..

       Those of you who follow us on facebook know that we are consumed with two passions:  
                     Ballroom Dancing......and Children's Ministry....

    So many of you know our know how we were healed and set  free by the miraculous power of the Lord Jesus Christ...He delivered us from fear...His LOVE invaded our hearts. You know how this story's a story of miracles.. The Great Physician sought us.. He found us on the side of the road.. crippled and paralyzed ..He touched us.. He healed us..and then.because of this JOY.... it happened...

                                                 We started DANCING
                                                 We started telling EVERYONE about the BEAUTIFUL Healing power of the Gospel of Jesus..

                     Maria and I are blessed to be best friends.. and partners in ministry. We are blessed each Sunday morning to spend time with our " little Presbyterians" .. reminding them of the greatest gift ever given..the Lord Jesus gave His life to set us free from sin..death..and fear... our church family, Carriage Lane Presbyterian has been such a blessing for us . Helping us on our healing path..and equipping us to minister to at "home" and "abroad"

                February 6-9 2015 Maria and I will be traveling to Monterrey, Mexico to meet with leaders at the Church Planting Center of N.Mexico. Our goal is to discover the best way our church can assist the body of Christ in Mexico.. partnering with them in training pastors, music ministry leaders , and children's ministry workers... we want our brothers and sisters in Mexico to tell us HOW WE CAN HELP THEM to equip believers in sharing the Gospel of Grace..

         Please pray for us as we prepare... our church has asked us to raise $2000 to cover this mission trip.. if you would like to contribute.. contact me at

       Thank you for your PRAYERS and support... Maria and I are so excited about this opportunity.. it makes us want to..... to.... well... yep... it makes us want to DANCE... and praise His mighty name.. He is so Great...and He is so good....

     STAY TUNED.......

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